Facebook Marketing 2019

Tips For Planning Your Facebook Marketing Strategy in 2019

Facebook is one of the largest and most influential social media platforms in the world. Due to this, it has proven itself to be a global powerhouse when it comes to matters related to social media marketing. It is worth noting that it was one of the first networks to release ads. And while a majority of other social networks can’t admit it, the fact is Facebook set the standard for how adverts run on social platforms. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that a lot of business depend on the platform for their marketing needs.

Like any other marketing platform, Facebook does have its ups and downs. Not so long ago, Facebook reduced the influence business ads have on the newsfeed to encourage meaningful connections and social interaction. Despite these changes, the platform is still the best social media network for brands looking to spread their reach. Nevertheless, it is critical now more than ever for businesses and brands to ensure that they’re doing Facebook marketing right if they want to make the most of marketing efforts on the social network.

Here are some tips on how to make your Facebook marketing strategy effective when it comes to growing and promoting your business.

Create the Right Business Page on Facebook

It is essential that you have a proper business page rather than a personal profile if you want to promote your brand or business on Facebook effectively. While this seems obvious, the interesting thing is that many marketers get this part all wrong. As a business or brand, make sure your Facebook business page falls under one of the following categories:

• Public figure, artist or band
• Local business, store or place
• Entertainment
• Company, institution or organization
• Cause or community
• Product or brand
Choosing the correct classification is essential as specific features might not be available to you if you use the wrong category.

Optimize Images

When posting images on your business page on Facebook, always ensure they are of the best quality. Social platforms can be very visual, and especially so if you are doing Facebook marketing. From updates to cover photos to the profile picture, it is essential that all the images you upload to your page be as captivating as possible and that they are reminiscent of what you do or have to offer as a business or brand.

Optimize Posts

Facebook’s Newsfeed can get crowded, something that could make it hard for businesses to market their brand or products effectively. It is, therefore, essential that you take the time to craft posts that stand out in the Newsfeed or else they’ll be sent straight to the bottom of the feed never to be seen. Facebook business page updates accompanied by compelling, high-quality images are up to 10X more effective in effecting audience engagement than plain text posts.


Make Use of Video

Another good way of increasing engagement on your Facebook business page is using videos. Facebook users watch over 100,000,000 hours of video on the platform daily, and that’s just the beginning. When creating videos for use on your Facebook business page, have the following in mind:

• Eighty-five percent of users watch videos on mute. When creating your videos, consider adding captions to increase engagement.
• Eighty percent of users don’t like it when videos on their newsfeed auto-play. When uploading your videos, set them up with this in mind
• Use “Facebook Live” to your advantage if you aren’t that keen on producing videos. Facebook Live is a video streaming service that allows you to broadcast videos straight from your phone or tablet and is one of the best ways to maximize engagement and create leads.

While Facebook may continue to change its algorithms, one thing remains constant – the network will continue being a viable marketing platform for years to come. If you want to continue enjoying success marketing on Facebook, the key thing is that you keep improving your approach. These tips should help you cover the basics of Facebook Marketing as you go forward.

Best Online Advertising Methods 2019

Digital marketing has grown over the last few years, and 2019 is no different. Many companies are taking their business online to expand their market share. However, for a company to expand its market share online, they must take advantage of online advertisements. The first time when a business enters the digital world; digital ads can be overwhelming. The good news is that there are many platforms and channels a company can use to market their business.

The function of an online marketer is to evaluate the different options available to them, results, and cost-effectiveness. Well, below are the best online advertising methods of 2019.

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1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is still king, even in 2019 and one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing a brand or company. This is because this technique is organic, which means ranking depends on several factors such as content quality, keyword use, relevancy, and traffic.

Having a website helps people or traffic know about your services or brand. However, a website becomes useless if it does not rank well on Google’s (SERP) search engine result page. Therefore, by investing in SEO, a company can improve its website’s rank in search engines. Research shows that the top three results on Google website receives 35% of clicks through PCs and 31% through mobile phones.

2. Website

Even though there are many ways to market your business online, a website is one of the most important ones. This is because it plays a vital role in a business. It is a place where all potential and existing customers will turn for more information about a particular service, brand, or company information. In most cases, a company’s website is the first impression of the business.

Also, many online marketing campaigns revolve around a website, where traffic is driven to that website. As such, a company’s website can either make the company great or not. Of course, it will all depend on many factors such as website design, available content, website navigation, and others. It is necessary for a professional company to have an online presence for all online marketing campaigns to be successful.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media website like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others have created an enormous opportunity not only to reach a potential audience but connect with loyal customers. This is the reason why social media platforms are becoming accessible to online marketers. Furthermore, social media platforms may increase a website’s traffic through redirecting potential customers.

For a company that has no website, they can still use social media platforms to carry out online marketing. This has been made possible by the fact that social media are allowing companies to market their products and services through a specific marketing plan. It is important to note that different social media have different marketing plans, such as giving companies the power to target a particular age group, location, gender, behavior, and interest.

4. Content Marketing

People are always hungry for information. The only difference is that people are interested in different types of information. As such, you can take advantage of content marketing. Content marketing is a technique used to advertise a business indirectly by simply delivering interesting and helpful information about a particular topic. This contents can be in the form of videos, blogs, virtual, or infographics.

5. PPC (Pay-per-Click) Advertising

PPC is an online advertising technique which allows an online marketer to place ads in the search engine result page for a specific keyword. One has to pay for this method of marketing.

How To Start A YouTube Channel From Scratch?

YouTube is booming, and it is not late to start your channel. It is possible for content creators to build a successful YouTube channel from scratch. Creating a YouTube channel is very simple; with just a couple of clicks. If you are creating a YouTube channel for business purpose, then you will need a business name and brand name. You will have to create a profile and business description as well, and these are the first options you will see when creating a channel. These are only the basics.

The Channel Art, Content Type

Assuming that you have successfully created your channel, the first thing you will see is a large banner displaying your YouTube channel name. The flag is your cover photo and the basis for introducing your brand. At this point, you can edit your cover photo as you like. All you need to remember is that it should be the focal point. The good news is that there are many tools available to help you if you are not a professional graphic designer. how to build a youtube following

NOTE: YouTube recommends uploading your cover photo at 2560 X 1440 pixels with a 4MB file size maximum.

Just as like the way channel art is essential, your content type is as paramount. You should have more than enough source materials to work with and several ways to approach your video contents. For example, if your channel is about your business, then you should empower your viewers to learn more about your brand. This is where video tutorials might be helpful. While doing this, you should keep your targeted audience in mind.

Your first video content should be a trailer of what your audience should expect to see. Your trailer will help new audiences know who you are and what your channel is all about.

Equipment And Editing Tools

Using a smartphone is undoubtedly an acceptable way of recording videos. Many bloggers prefer using their phones, especially when they are on the streets. Those who vlog on-the-go invest on an action or mirrorless camera and a good handheld gimbal stabilizer. Nevertheless, you will need to invest in lights, cameras, and a good audio system.

Remember, it does not matter if you have a good camera, without proper lighting or excellent audio quality, there is nothing you are doing.

On the other hand, if you are new to editing video, then you should consider simple editing tools or software like Apple iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.

Search Optimizing (SEO)

After doing everything, including uploading your videos, the next thing is optimizing them. You will be asked to fill in the title, tags, and description. There are important for YouTube crawlers to locate your video through search. It is important you do not skimp them. The aim is to stay relevant so as to increase your following. Therefore, for your YouTube channel to be successful, you will need to:

• Stay consistent
• Integrate your channel with your website and social media
• Engage with your community
• Analyze, improve, and repeat

Invest In YouTube Ads

After following all the above steps, the next thing is taking things to the next level. If you want to earn money through your channel, you can do through YouTube ads. On the other hand, if your channel is about your business, then you can take advantage of YouTube advertisements. This will help you take your out there even further. If you are not sure where to begin, it is wise to do a bit of research.

If you want to learn how to expertly take advantage of YouTube Ads check out super affiliate system reviews to find how it can be done.

Remember, it takes time to make a YouTube channel popular and successful. Therefore, take your time to work on it.

Facebook Marketing Tips 2019

Facebook Marketing Tips 2019 For Success

Facebook is a great way to build meaningful connections with clients and gain potential consumers in the future. It is considered a marketing powerhouse filled with enduring potential. As with any other type of marketing, Facebook does have its ups and downs. Despite everything, Facebook is still the most popular social media site in existence!

Take your Facebook marketing strategy to a new level with the following tips for 2019:

Use Great Visual Imagery

The use of images can make or break your Facebook business page. People are visual, and more than ever before, the quality of the pictures that you put out can make a difference. Make sure that your images are captivating and grab the attention of your intended audience. Your images should have a high resolution.

Include A CTA Button

It might seem simple enough, but all too many businesses forget the importance of utilizing the CTA or call to action button. Your page is losing money if you’re not using the CTA option to your best advantage. You can connect your dial to a variety of landing pages ranging from an order form to an instructional video. Make sure that your text grabs attention and compels visfacebook is all about the marketingitors to click.

Experiment With Content

You may find yourself in a rut in terms of your posts, which is why in 2019, you should start creating balanced posts. Instead of just focusing on one aspect or type of content, make it a point to test out different things, You never really know what your audience will respond to. In fact, knowing you have different types of content may make people more likely to visit or like your page.

Optimize Every Post

Your posts can easily get lost in a newsfeed if you’re not careful about the way you craft your content. Regular updates and the use of creative imagery can increase your readership up to ten times than businesses that don’t employ these tactics.

Sharing Is Okay

Are you tired of writing your content? It doesn’t have to be yours every time you post. Sharing content written by others can help you achieve brand loyalty and show your appreciation of your concerns.

Include Videos Often

Your Facebook marketing is never complete without a meaningful video to accompany your sporadic posting. However, you need to make precise edits to your videos to appeal to a wide range of individuals. For example, make sure to disable autoplay and consider that most people view content with the sound turned off.

Listen To Your Audience

Perhaps the most critical aspect of marketing online is just listening to what your audience has to say. Pay attention to the comments made on your profile as they can offer invaluable insight as to what people are looking for.

Facebook marketing in 2019 focuses on the needs of consumers and how they view content. Never before have companies felt so confused and conflicted about what modern marketing tactics entail. The above tips should help you get started on the perfect marketing campaign.